Rebuilding or upgrading your landscape lighting can enhance the functionality and longevity of your outdoor lighting system. Evaluating your existing system allows you to modify your system for landscaping changes, upgrade to color-changing technology, or implement energy-efficient LEDs. Whether it’s a simple upgrade or a comprehensive overhaul, the right choices in design and technology can significantly enhance the landscape lighting system on your property.

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Home Security

Enhance the security of your home by increasing the visibility if the perimeter of the residence, increasing nighttime safety.

Safe Passage

Illuminate walkways and improve visibility to provide safe passage for you and your guests.


A 12-volt lighting system produces three times more light per watt than 120-volt equivalent, thus saving money in electrical costs.  LED technology uses 80% less energy than traditional lamps.  


A Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting System is an effective and sensible way to improve the value of your home. 

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